Over generations, families get bigger and become more dispersed. Different values take shape across the family, as well. With greater diversity and varying communication styles, keeping up with family members can be as challenging as it is bringing everyone together. Which is why the sharing of information and keeping everyone connected quickly and securely is so important. Even with today’s greater connectivity, there are a number of issues family business must deal with:

Challenges faced by Family Businesses today

  • Bringing everyone together in person.
  • Engaging and interacting across generations.
  • Bridging geographic divides.
  • Maintaining contact information for family members.
  • Sharing information in an easy, secure manner.
  • Transitioning the family to a more structured and formal communication style.
  • Preserving family achievements, history and stories for the future.

Our Communication Platform. A Secure Way To Bring Family Together.

Driven by safe, highly secure and easy-to-use technology, our proprietary, online platform is a powerful tool that keeps your family members connected. Anywhere, anytime. It allows for the sharing of family news, videos, documents and links, as well as the storage of family history and archives. Plus, the ability to send secure messages and organize meetings, events and gatherings. All on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

  • Organise meetings and events

    Apart from meeting on the platform, real life contact is an important element in creating greater cohesion within your family. Now you can plan your real life events online. Trusted Family helps clients develop effective concepts for family meetings and gatherings and can even help organise them.

    Organise meetings and events
  • Family history and archives

    Build, map and secure your family’s legacy and drive cohesion by making your shared history visible in galleries, videos and articles. We can help you produce effective content.

    Family history and archives
  • Surveys

    Staying on the same page: the Trusted Family platform allows you to easily take surveys within your family.

  • Interaction campaigns

    In addition to informing your family, Trusted Family can help you develop campaigns geared to actively motivate the family to participate and interact on our platform.

    Interaction campaigns
  • Your family tree

    Recreate your family structure and heritage via an interactive graphic chart on the Trusted Family platform. Accessible to anyone, anywhere, it allows you to find and place your descendants. The family tree is the ultimate visualisation of the historically determined connections and connectivity within your family.

    Your family tree

Advisory Solutions to Bridge the Communication Gap.

By fully assessing communication needs and evaluating existing practices, we will tailor a specific strategy that best meets your family’s goals. Together, we can address such issues as who will be in charge of family communication; as well as pinpoint how, when, where and with whom your family should communicate. We then implement solutions that connect and align everyone in the family, together.

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Board of Directors Governance

In growing business families, the role of the family board is nothing short of vital. Along with the need for regular communication with shareholders, activities linked to family boards include recruiting and bringing in and training new board members. Also, scheduling, organising and managing board meetings; taking meeting minutes; recording and archiving key outputs or decisions; and keeping non-executive board members well informed.

Trusted Family_Board and Shareholder Governance

“With each passing year, information management becomes more difficult.”

Shareholder Governance

Over generations, business families face the reality of having more shareholders spread geographically across regions and borders. As a result, active participation by some shareholders can dissipate. Many are less active or become so, while others may have no relevant experience at all.

As a business family grows into the 2nd or 3rd generation, business governance needs expand, as well. The need for shareholder agreements, employment policies and exit strategies becomes necessary. With each passing year, the organisation and sharing of shareholder information within the family becomes a vital, and potentially more difficult, undertaking.

Our Solution

With our online, secure platform, business families can create private working groups for shareholders, board of directors, family councils, investment committees, next generation committees, and more. Also, through our platform, minutes of meetings, documents and reports can be centralised, with access made available to all relevant parties.

  • Private working groups

    Work securely with separate groups of family business shareholders, boards of directors, family councils, investment committees and the next generation. Each with the access that fits their profile.

    Private working groups
  • Organising and sharing shareholder Information

    Store, organise and manage your important shareholder information. Make it accessible to those who should see it, anywhere at any time.

    Organising and sharing shareholder Information
  • Private shareholder vaults

    Gather your crucial shareholder information, such as transaction histories and shareholder agreements, in one place and make it accessible anywhere, anytime.

    Private shareholder vaults
  • Shareholder engagement metrics

    Find out what is of interest to your shareholders. By analysing user data, Trusted Family can help you develop for your shareholders tailor made content and the most effective platform layouts to find what they are looking for.

    Shareholder engagement metrics
  • Interactive shareholder updates

    Keep your shareholders posted on what is going on with their assets. Share key numbers and metrics, news and announcements and introduce key people or announce personnel changes. Trusted Family can help you create engaging and effective updates.

    Interactive shareholder updates

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As family businesses grow from one generation to the next, they take on more family members, decision-makers and shareholders. All of which results in a larger group of people with different backgrounds and interests. Some are very active in the family business, but many are not and will not become so. The business dynamics within the family become more complex, as well, where communication styles differ and not everyone has similar understandings of the business. Planning for succession, and educating the family so that everyone is aligned, can be a big challenge.

Our Solutions

We can help your family plan and educate for succession. We also can help you achieve your business family objectives by understanding and making the best use of your own organizational knowledge.

  • We define the skills, behaviours and values expected from ideal family business members, shareholders and board members.
  • We conduct an Educational Gap Analysis between ideal and current family members.
  • We develop yearly educational plans. This includes both shared and individual learning tracks, in-person vs. online learning, and program measurement.
  • We develop educational content for family members and aggregate third party partner content.
  • We conduct webinars, events and programs, and provide educational training for families.
  • Educational content

    Trusted Family helps clients develop and present an on-going supply of engaging, educational content. Through our in-house expertise and collaborations with our network of content partners and thought leaders, we will make your platform come alive through learning.

    Educational Content
  • Training

    In taking a hands-on approach to educating your family, Trusted Family develops and delivers effective, insightful workshops. Whether online, in person or through one of our educational partners, we always look to find the right topics and the best way to deliver.

  • Yearly education plan

    What are your educational targets for this year? Where does your family’s knowledge base need growth? We have developed methodology to help our clients succeed in raising the bar. From defining learning tracks for groups and individuals to measuring the progress of our efforts, Trusted Family can help you prioritize and execute your education plan.

    Yearly Education Plan

In short, we manage the entire education process, helping you and your family clarify goals, develop the best possible education plan, select from the various different educational resources we make available, and review the progress made.

For families with already well-developed education goals and requirements, our in-house expertise and external advisor network enables us to deliver on an on-going, regular basis, a series of workshops on a variety of topics. These include Wealth Management, Communications, Impact Investing, Business Family Governance, and Family Constitution.

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The amount of confidential or supporting paperwork generated and managed by business families, especially multi-generational ones, can be overwhelming. With family members and shareholders more geographically dispersed, and sophisticated cyber attacks on popular technology, software services and websites on the rise, the need for structure, organization and security with documentation is critical.

Our Solutions

With our online Document Management System, your family business can now protect and securely organize vital information and documentation. Our technology is highly secure and has the following key security features:

  • Powerful folders for secure document storage and archiving
  • Mail notification for new document uploads
  • Multiple security enhancements, including block download and 2-factor authentication

Plus, we offer advisory and other protective service solutions:

Awareness Training:

We conduct on-going workshops and provide videos that identify potential security problems and educate family members on how to be safe and act more safely online.


We run audits that produce gap analysis and provide recommendations to enhance security within the family.

Outsourced Security Expertise:

We provide consultancy services for existing security officers, to help make them more successful in their role.

We can take over the security officer role in the family, in either a part-time or full-time capacity.

  • Audit

    Is your family presently safe? How much do you know about your family’s online security status?

    Who is taking responsibility? How do you educate your family members? Have you ever experienced a security breach? Would you know what to do when one happens? Trusted Family can assist you with a structured approach.

  • Awareness training

    Many online security problems arise due to a lack of knowledge of how to keep safe. Informing, education and creating awareness among your family members can prevent the most common data breaches, fraud and cyber attacks from occurring.

    Awareness Training
  • Highly secure online environment

    In contrast to many other online collaboration platforms, Trusted Family understands that your family requires a highly secure online environment to store data and to share in privacy. In addition, you will maintain ownership of your data at all times.

    Highly Secure Online Environment

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As family offices get bigger and as the business families they work with grow and take on more clients, there is much more to do, more to manage and more responsibility. The greater number of clients, in turn, puts a larger focus on the family office’s need for more organized, controlled communication and information management. A key challenge, therefore, is equipping the family office to accommodate this and even more growth.


"As families grow, so does the need for better information management."

Our Solution

Using our highly secure, online communication platform technology, family offices can manage their clients more reliably. Moreover, our advisory-based service solutions, including enhanced governance implementation support and processes, enable business families to use our platform to full potential.

  • Document management

    With structures and business affairs becoming increasingly complex as families grow, Trusted Family’s Document Management services and technology for family offices can help you create, organise, store and share relevant documentation, with remote secure access for selected members.

    Document management
  • Advisory library

    We provide a wealth of knowledge from global thought leaders in the field of family office management. Best practices of great value and use for your family, readily available on the platform.

    Advisory library

Our technology allows family offices to segregate their clients on a single platform and provide secure document sharing and messaging to clients through a simple interface. Through our network of global advisors available to both family office managers and their clients, we also offer a library of family best practices.

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Many family businesses have built a tremendous wealth and legacy. In the years to come, however, a major transformation will occur, as baby boomers hand over to the next generation. This new generation strongly believes that sustainability goals and business objectives should not be juxtaposed, and that creating societal and environmental impact and making a profit are aligned. Families and their businesses, with their often long-term perspective, are in a perfect position to make this happen.

With an impressive track record of assisting major business families around the world, Trusted Family is well-placed to foster this thinking. More than helping to smoothen the transition from one generation to the next, we rejuvenate the early thinking of many founding fathers, who saw that building successful businesses required building successful societies. Such rejuvenation can be a major force to reinforce legacy all while preserving wealth.

Our Solutions

Through our Social Impact advisory service, business families can learn tools and techniques to educate and engage younger generations on the subject of wealth creation. Also, how to fund their passions, develop fundable ideas with a business plan, and properly execute on them. We can also work with you to share your passions, be they charitable, philanthropic or community activities, with other family members.

Our services are backed by our secure, online communications platform, which can be used to foster idea sharing, drive collaboration and build cohesion. The platform enables participants to connect in a shared project, gain advice from mentors and even rate projects for funding. It lets you view what other family members are doing with their projects, and see how you can get involved.

Societal Impact Workshops

Click here for our upcoming Societal Impact workshops in 2016.

  • Next generation workshops

    In our workshop, “The Colours of Money”, we help younger family members understand what money can mean to society and business, inspiring new generations to experiment, explore and discover.

    trusted family tailor family
  • Sharing the passion

    One of the key elements in generating successful strategies for societal impact is to share and learn from those who have done it. Through its network, Trusted Family enables experienced social impact actors to lead by example, spread the message and involve both other members of the family and potentially the wider community.

    Sharing the passion
  • Monitoring donations

    With a specially developed app for managing donations, the Trusted Family platform offers your family the opportunity to keep track of your philanthropic initiatives, share progress and inspire members to join.

    Monitoring donations

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