With our knowledge and understanding of family business, we appreciate that families need to tap into multiple sources of knowledge. This why we have compiled for your quick reference a list of family business and family office events across the world.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you wish to feature your event on this list, please do contact us at [email protected].

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2017 Event Directory


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25th April 2017

The Asian-European Family Office Discovery Roundtable

Campden Conferences


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26th April 2017

Family Office São Paulo

Financial Times Conferences

São Paulo

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26th April 2017

Structuring Your Family Wealth To Secure Your Family’s Legacy – A Private Forum

ClearView Family Wealth in association with HM Government of Gibraltar


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26th April 2017

Family Wealth Management & Structuring Conference

Campden Conferences


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Trusted Family Events

From time to time, our team of experts and knowledgeable partners will share their expertise through a webinar or other public forum or event, hosted by us. We also host private events, for our own community and clients. These events will not be shared here. If you would like to know more about a specific event or be notified when we host our next one, please reach out and we will add your name to our email list. To be added to our mailing list, please write to us at [email protected].

Webinar On Communication Management:WITH IAN PARTRIDGE & FRANK TOBÉ

25th April 2017

Learn from Ian Partridge & Frank Tobé on how mult...

Family Business Roundtable – Hosted by the Hoare Family in London:Family-Only

09th March 2017

This family-only afternoon event, generously hosted by the Hoare Family in Lon...

Webinar – The Fundamentals of Family Communication:

11th January 2017

  We hope you enjoyed Edouard Thijssen's interactive webinar on the most pertinent aspects of family communication. ...
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Sophisticated families reserve a special place for technology in their family management “toolbox”. They recognize ahead of time that adopting technology is both a necessity and an opportunity. A necessity because in a growing world of dispersed generations, with new and complex family structures and the rise of corporate governance, information technology is key. Today, business families need to accommodate technology as a trend that will positively impact the next generation. It is also an opportunity, as families who communicate digitally are not only building a family repository but also creating a digital legacy, which captures the essence of what needs to be transferred to future generations.


"Business families must embrace technology to impact the next generation."

The basis for any communication, among the young and old, is trust. In the online world, trust translates into security and confidentiality for data and user. That is why it is important to create this environment in a digital world and build platforms that offer secure private spaces, where families feel safe and encouraged to share confidential information. While working with business families, understanding the particularities of their trust-building mechanisms and taking it all online requires a purpose-built platform that goes beyond the functionalities of popular, free online tools. Which is why we have created a custom-made technology offering for business families and family offices, all built in-house.

Technology, however, is just a commodity. At Trusted Family, we realize that in order to unlock the true potential of technology, it needs to be embedded into daily operations and into the dynamics of the family. As driving change and mobilizing stakeholders is what business is all about, our technology is designed to help identify, measure and track progress of the family against the objectives and success criteria they have set for themselves. This in turn leads to an understanding of how cohesion is created and how this results in value creation for the family.

You can download some of our Whitepapers here:

Trust in the Digital Space

10 Steps to Implementing a Family Portal

Internet Security for Family Offices

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There is growing, supportive evidence for what many long-standing families have known for generations. It is that business families who consciously choose to stay united over time, create more value. Although efforts and investments might be substantial, the ROI on family cohesion has proven to be systematically positive. But while financial wealth is the ultimate measure of value creation for many, its source is essentially non-financial in nature. Wealth creation almost always starts with entrepreneurship, and eventually shapes the family’s competitive advantages, such as its relationships and network, knowledge and reputation. It is these non-financial assets that hold the real value; and the goodwill that holds their legacy and forms the basis for a family’s further development.


"Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

To accomplish this goal, families need to be concerned about how they manage internal cohesion. Cohesion, by definition, is the tendency of a group to be in unity and allow its members, individually and collectively, to appreciate the value of what they share. The fundamentals of a well-functioning group are that they work together towards a shared goal and satisfy the emotional needs of its members. This sense of meaning and belonging, comes with an important prerequisite, however, and this is trust. Unless the key members of the family believe in the reliability, truth, abilities and strength of the family, cohesion will be difficult to achieve.

Through the first-hand experience of growing up in business owning families and serving many others, we have built a deep understanding of family dynamics and needs. We help families create a family community, which is safe and protective. One where families hold positive expectations towards the rest of their family and their future. Trusted Family engages with families who seek to go beyond merely staying together. We make it our mission to advise them and help them put in place cohesion building mechanisms with information technology at the core.

Download some of our Whitepapers here:

Give me my dividend - and other ways to engage your family

Societal Impact - How to engage your family to go beyond giving back to society in a philanthropic way

Importance of Education and Communication in a Family Business

Creating a Family Communication Budget

Find out how you compare to other families, take our Family Cohesion Survey today with instant results

Family Cohesion Tool

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What some of our clients say about Trusted Family and what we have accomplished together.

Andrew Mostyn headshot

Andrew Mostyn, Mostyn Family

“Whilst only a small family of 14 users, we are scattered between London, Pisa, Toronto, Sydney and Perth and have been using the Trusted Family Portal for 6 months now. We use it to house our Family Foundation minutes and financials knowing, that are being kept securely, and to keep in touch with one another with regular updates, e.g. photos etc., which we would not otherwise do. We are still learning more ways to benefit from the portal but it has been a great learning curve and very well supported.” 3rd Generation Member, Craig Mostyn Group  

Chief Administrative Officer, Miramar Services Inc

Tim King, Miramar Services, Inc.

"We are very happy with Trusted Family. The platform has been virtually glitch free for the more than two years our family has been on it. The family had looked at a portal solution for many years, but when Trusted Family hit our radar screen, we signed up and launched within four months, and on the very rare occasion I encounter a problem, the Trusted Family team has responded immediately with a good solution.”  Tim King, Chief Administrative Officer, Miramar Services, Inc.


Board Member Top 5 FMCG Company

"My family has been using Trusted Family since 2011 to maintain our cohesion and our proximity to the family business.  It has been a game changer and a great foundation and the enabler for many family initiatives.  It is clearly the best in breed of what is available on the market both in terms of functionality but also importantly in security” Quoted anonymously, by a Board Member of a Top 5 FMCG company, 5th generation family member.


Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Vermeer Family

"Trusted Family has served our family very well as a library for our family documents, as a platform for various family and ownership groups to organize meetings and share ideas, and we are just now scratching the surface on increasing spontaneous sharing with one another. I love Trusted Family - and the customer support has been wonderful throughout our 5 years of membership!"  Trusted Family Project Leader and Family Leader.


Vincent Montagne, Michelin Family

"As a Single Family Office we have the challenge of working with a multi generational family (More than 1,000 people) across geographies. Using the Trusted Family technology solution has allowed us to better share family spirit, news and information to different groups. This has meant we are better able to support and encourage engagement and family cohesion." President of Mage-Invest (Michelin Family Holding) 4th generation family member.

Aanal Chandaria, Chandaria Family

Aanal Chandaria, Chandaria Family

"With our family spread over six countries Trusted Family is an exciting platform to share news and exchange ideas with our family. An excellent tool for our next generation and elders alike, its great to be preserving our legacy and history as well as communicating in twenty first century fashion." Project Leader and 5th generation family member.




To learn more about how we have been of value to our business family clients, and to gain some insight into what we can do for your family, please view our client case studies.

Vermeer Family

Based in Pelia Iowa, USA, the Vermeer family has been providing agricultural and industrial equipment since its foundation.  The Vermeer family had split into two family branches after the original founders passed away. With the fourth generation of leadership starting to take a more active role, the families started to make a conscience effort to reconnect and bring the two branches together as one family.  Read about how Trusted Family understood the specific nuances of this family and provided a communications platform for their future needs.

Read more about this here:

Vermeer Family Case Study


Michelin Family

Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Michelin family is heir to one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. With over 400 relatives holding an interest in the business, the family decided to set up their own website. Read hear about the challenges they faced, and how Trusted Family helped them towards a better communications platform.

Read more about this here:

Michelin Family Case Study

Scott Family

Hear from Alex Scott, 4th Generation member of the Scott Family and CEO of Sandaire about how they decided to implement the Trusted Family solution to increase secure communication within their family.

Watch the video here:

Scott Family Video Case Study